Hi guys,

After slogging through as many bug JIRAs as possible for 3.0.17.Final, I felt like I needed to do something different for a while, so I started looking at non-blocking IO for JAX-RS 2.1. One of the issues I ran into is the servlet version problem. Even though resteasy-jaxrs declares a dependency on servlet 3.1, its dependency on tjws brings in servlet 2.5, which gets in the way of using servlet 3.1. I've done some refactoring:

 1) moved everything related to tjws from resteasy-jaxrs to tjws

 2) moved all tests (except i18n tests) from resteasy-jaxrs to resteasy-jaxrs-testsuite (so resteasy-jaxrs doesn't depend on tjws)

 3) removed the dependency of resteasy-jaxrs on tjws

 4) created a dependency of tjws on resteasy-jaxrs

I thought I'd ask for comments before I create a pull request. Two points come to mind:

1) Originally, resteasy-jaxrs-testsuite was created to hold tests specifically related to JAX-RS 2.0 (hence the nextgen packages). The plan was to upgrade all of the old tests to use JAX-RS 2.0 stuff like the new client framework, but it never happened. This might be a good time to do that.

2) I know we've talked about what to do with tjws, but I don't know if we reached a conclusion. This would be a good time to deprecate it, if we're going to do that.


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