When @RegisterProvider is paired with @RegisterRestClient the class is
automatically registered as a provider.  When @RegisterProvider is
used alone on an interface as you have the class must be registered
via RestClientBuilder.newBuilder().register(YOUR_PROVIDER.class) or
placed in a services file.

I suggest posting this question to the Microprofile-rest-client discussion
forum,  https://accounts.eclipse.org/mailing-list/microprofile-dev

On Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 6:20 AM Milan Konzal <milan@konzal.net> wrote:
I would like to register different Providers on different sub-resources but when I try it, it is not working (I get an exception regarding missing provider when the method on the sub-resource was called).

Is it expected? I can't find any information in the MP specification nor Resteasy documentation.

My resource proxy

public interface Foo {
    FooResponse get(FooContent content);

    Bar getBar();

My sub resource proxy

public interface Bar {
    BarResponse get();

My call


Only registrations on the resource proxy are done.
I'm using Resteasy 4.5.8 implementation of MP rest client.
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