The pac4j team (http://www.pac4j.org/) is happy to announce the release of the first version of jax-rs-pac4j (Apache 2.0).

Pac4j is a Java security engine to protect web applications, it is integrated with many frameworks and now with JAX-RS runtimes. It supports most authentication mechanisms, such as OAuth (Facebook, Twitter, Google...), SAML, CAS, LDAP, SQL, JWT, MongoDB, and others.

jax-rs-pac4j provides ways to protect your resources using annotations or global filters to protect your application.
It has been tested with Jersey and Resteasy, both with servlet and non-servlet containers.

It also supports injection at resources method level of the authenticated profile, but in Jersey only (for now, we are looking for contributions on this :).

You can find more details at https://github.com/pac4j/jax-rs-pac4j.
The maven artefacts are released on Maven central.

We hope the community we use it, we are very open to contributions and issue reports to improve it (it is still young but used in some real projects :).