for some reason this has gone unnoticed, sorry about that.
It would be interesting to see a reproducer of this issue, or at least have more information about the application.
Are you still able to provide that?

On Fri, May 24, 2019 at 10:16 AM Leonid Rozenblyum <lrozenblyum@gmail.com> wrote:
Recently due to update of resteasy-client from 3.0.1.Final to 3.6.3.Final we faced failures to process our spring mvc controller at '/' path.
After some debugging I found out the reason:
1) resteasy-client transitively depends on resteasy-jaxrs
2) resteasy-jaxrs (at least since 3.0.20.final) 
registers org.jboss.resteasy.plugins.server.servlet.HttpServlet30Dispatcher as a servlet with value = '')

Is it an expected behaviour that client dependency register a servlet?
Are there any ways to disable it?
Thanks for advice!
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