Mohiuddin Shaik wrote:
      I am using Decision table to represent the business rules, i want to give priority to set of rules (here rows) to be executed first before other rules i found the keyword to achieve that but i am unable to find how to means where should i add this keyword in the Excel file.
Please provide the details, i am stuck in the middle please help.
The is the DEV mailing list, when you opened a JIRA,,  as a help request I specifically asked you to use the USER mailing list, likewise the mailing list page makes this  clear too. Please ask this question on the USER mailing list. As a little hint it is customery to actually read the details and netiquette for mailing list before joining:
"The user mailing list is for general user querries about drools and how to use and it problems with using it. The dev mailing list is for more hard core discussions about about developing drools itself and general rules/ai theory that might apply to future drools features. "



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