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2007/5/27, Arjun Dhar <>:
Edson Tirelli <tirelli <at>> writes:

> Arjun, Answering your first question, in the consequence of a rule, you
have the automatically-defined "drools" variable. It implements the
KnowledgeHelper interface. Take a look at this interface as it can provide you
a lot of runtime information. To get the rule name:
> drools.getRule().getName(); Also, if you develops something that is
generic and want to contribute back to the community, it would be great. Maybe
others can also help you out. About your second question: we don't have
anything out of the box yet. Although, Mark has blogged about exposing rules as
a web-service and we are looking into implementing something like that in the
> Again, contributions welcome. Regards, Edson

Hi Edison,
thanks for that. While exposing it as a web service is one thing, we will
still need it running on an independent Daemon thread (thats another thing). If
we make any head way in this area will try and update you. BTW whats your
process of integration?

Can you have a document or a page on your Wiki for this so we understand the
quality requirements clarly to give back something later. I dont suppose
sending a zip file full of code does it :o) haha


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