Two general comments on the format of the RuleFlow (.rf) file from when I was doing the NumberGuess documentation.

When I built workflow apps using jBPM I was able to edit the workflow XML files by hand. Some people prefer this and it makes it easier should somebody want to build an alternative editor for these files ( e.g Web Based instead of the Eclipse IDE).  For jBPM I *had* to edit these manually , as the IDE kept crashing.

The comment / complaint is that the Drools Ruleflow files are much harder to edit. Yes, it's xml but the nodes do not seem to be in any particular order. With jBPM , the nodes tend to be arranged in a flow from Start to End.

Talking of Web Based editors for flow, have you seen the Ajax / DHTML Editor that Yahoo has for Pipes:

This shows that it is possible to have a Flow editor implemented in HTML.

Just my two thoughts.


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