For Drools 5.0 I moved away from async methods on the main interfaces, as it just got messy repeating ever method with an async version. Instead I plan to add a single async equivalent of the CommandExecutor.execute() method, and all async operations can be done that way. Much cleaner.

Edson Tirelli wrote:

   Hey Greg, please do open the JIRA.


2009/5/27 Greg Barton <>

At seemingly random times I'm getting this exception:

Exception in thread "Thread-5" java.lang.NullPointerException
       at org.drools.common.AbstractWorkingMemory.update(
       at org.drools.common.AbstractWorkingMemory.update(
       at org.drools.concurrent.UpdateObject.execute(

I've only gotten the exception when using StatefulSession.asyncUpdate() from a separate thread. is wrapped in an if statement that checks whether maintainTms==true, so setting that to false has apparently avoided the problem. (Can't be 100% sure, but it has been runnign for a few hours without exception.) The FactHandles I'm passing in to StatefulSession.asyncUpdate() are never null, so I can only guess that InternalFactHandle.getEqualityKey() is sometimes returning false.

Do you want a JIRA on this?  I can't recreate it reliably.

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