Yes, we are working with it in a similar fashion as the antlr grammars... the generated files are committed to the git repository, so you only need to regenerate the files if you change the .proto file, and that will be rare, the same way that changing the grammars are a rare operation.

   I haven't checked for a maven plugin, but there is a command line option that we can add as a task to a maven profile in the same way that we do for grammars. Didn't have the time to do it yet.


On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 10:45 AM, ge0ffrey <> wrote:
is the following correct?
When a change does not change a proto file, it is never needed to run the
protobuf compiler.

So its build impact is similar to antlr.

Is the a protobuf maven plugin so the intellij/netbeans/vi people can
compile them too?

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