I just fixed this on the master and backported it to the 5.5.x branch.

Thanks again for your precious help,

On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 11:42 AM, magnusv <> wrote:
Hi Mario, sorry for the delay!

Attached is the reference chain between StatefulKnowledgeSessionImpl ->
MarshallerReaderContext, according to the jvisualvm memory dump analysis
feature. I extracted this information by looking at the "Closest GC root"
path for the MarshallerReaderContext instance.

StatefulKnowledgeSessionImpl : session
ReteooStatefulSession : defaultEntryPoint
NamedEntryPoint : objectStore
SingleThreadedObjectStore : identityMap
ObjectHashMap : table
Entry[] : [0]
ObjectHashMap$ObjectEntry : value
DefaultFactHandle : lastLeftTuple
RuleTerminalNodeLeftTuple : object
AgendaItem : context
PropagationContextImpl : readerContext
MarshallerReaderContext : this

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