The git migration is not 100% done yet.
There is some fallout which I will be working on the next few days.

1) svn:ignore's are gone. I 'll look into this tonight and tomorrow.
They need to be replaced with .gitignore files and there's a command to automate that but it doesn't work (I tried a lot):
I 'll have to re-create that one by one, manually. I might miss some ignores.
Closely examine your commits over the next few weeks that you are not committing files that should be ignored!

Only after the most basic .gitignore's are added again, I 'll start distributing write authorization to everyone in the login list.

2) empty directories are gone. I 'll look into this over the next couple of days.

Git cannot handle empty directories at this time. It sucks and they might fix it someday, but currently it is not possible.
I tried several things to remedy this, but was unable to do so.
This means:
- In java or resources directories: all empty packages have been removed.
- In every module: every empty resources or test/java or test/resources directory has been removed.
- Under drools-container/drools-seam/drools-seam2 the directory src has been removed
- Under drools-container/drools-seam/drools-seam3 the directory src has been removed
- Under drools-docs, under images: empty dirs:
-- /drools-docs/drools-docs-expert/src/main/docbook/en-US/images/Chapter-JSR94
-- /drools-docs/drools-docs-expert/src/main/docbook/en-US/images/Chapter-Examples/BankingExample
-- /drools-docs/drools-docs-expert/src/main/docbook/en-US/images/Chapter-Examples/ShoppingExample
-- /drools-docs/drools-docs-planner/src/main/docbook/en-US/images/Chapter-Planner_introduction
-- /drools-docs/drools-docs-planner/src/main/docbook/en-US/images/Chapter-Solver
- and a bunch we need to look into:
-- /drools-eclipse/org.drools.eclipse/help
-- /drools-eclipse/org.drools.eclipse/lib
-- /drools-eclipse/org.drools.eclipse.task/lib
-- /drools-examples/drools-examples-drl/log
-- /install/db/driver
-- /install/sample/evaluation/bin
-- /osgi-bundles/src
-- /osgi-bundles/btm/org.drools.osgi.wrapper.btm/lib
-- /osgi-bundles/btm/org.drools.osgi.wrapper.btm/src/main/resources/META-INF
-- /osgi-bundles/jxls/org.drools.osgi.wrapper.jxls-reader/lib
-- /osgi-bundles/jxls/org.drools.osgi.wrapper.jxls-reader/src
-- /osgi-bundles/org.mvel/org.drools.osgi.wrapper.mvel2/lib
-- /osgi-bundles/org.mvel/org.drools.osgi.wrapper.mvel2/src
-- /osgi-bundles/src
- Some planner stuff:
-- /drools-planner/src/main/assembly/emptydir
-- /drools-planner/src/main/assembly/nurseRosteringCompetition/input
-- /drools-planner/src/main/assembly/nurseRosteringCompetition/output

See the second response on
On the plus side, this probably solves half the split packages cases.
With kind regards,
Geoffrey De Smet