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On 24 March 2011 20:03, Joe White <Joe.White@recondotech.com> wrote:

Here is an example from our code. $ebs is a List<Map>. Mapping to your example the Map is the fact and the combination of BnftInfoCdoe and BnftCvgeLevelCode would be the field.:


The positive and negative pattern aren't in conflict in a range of numeric values, and so yours is not the pattern I'm concerned with.

Notice that I'd put the "not" CE up front.

  Map(this[BenefitsConsts.BenefitResponseEligibility.BnftInfoCode] == 'C',

      this[BenefitsConsts.BenefitResponseEligibility.BnftCvgeLevelCode] == 'IND',

      this[BenefitsConsts.BenefitResponseEligibility.SvcTypeCode] == "30",

this[BenefitsConsts.BenefitResponseEligibility.CvgePeriodQlfr] == '25',

      this[BenefitsConsts.BenefitResponseEligibility.BnftAmt] matches "0.*") from $ebs


not (Map(this[BenefitsConsts.BenefitResponseEligibility.BnftInfoCode] == 'C',

          this[BenefitsConsts.BenefitResponseEligibility.BnftCvgeLevelCode] == 'FAM') from $ebs)