Christine wrote:
I'm just doing a brain dump of how I think I'd like to see the 5.0 api
move, where we move from a rule oriented framework to a knowledge
oriented framework for rules and processes.

sounds interesting. how exactly do you see processes, integrated in the
knowledgebase, other than just calling ordinary java classes in the then
part of a rule? Will there be support for other AI-type algorithms?
Have you looked at the RuleFlow stuff in 4.0.x? That forms the basis of our work to move full process support.
There is nothing planned for 5.0 beyond rules, processes and cep. But yes I'd like to see other things be included, if they
can be integrated and unified in a meaningful way.

A rough namespace and interface mapping could be as follows:
    KnowledgeBase <- RuleBase
    StatefulKnowledgeSession <- StatefulSession
        -extends both RuleSession and ProcessSession
        -in theory someone could have a rule or process specific impl
          although we will continue with the combined approach for now
    StatelessKnowledgeSession <- StatelessSession
        -contains the rule specific api from WorkingMemory
        -contains the process specific api from WorkingMemory
                    KnowledgeDefinitionPackage <- Package
                       -Possible just KnowledgePackage
                         but I like reinforcing that these are definitions
org.drools.knowledge.defintions.rules <- org.drools.rule
    -will eventually contain our ontology stuff
org.drools.knowledge.defintions.models.facttemplate <-
    -our current pojo model stuff should probably go here too
org.drools.knowledge.engines.rules <- org.drools.reteoo (and common,
base, spi etc which will also be refactored)

We will create a drools-api module. This will contain all public user
apis for all modules in the project, which will allow us to support
service frameworks better, such as OSGi. This will also allow us to more
easily differentiate from public stable apis and internal apis.
To get compability with 4.0.x we'll have a drools4-adapter jar, which
will keep all the 4.0 names and just wrap and delegate to the new impl.
We won't be able to achieve 100% api comptability, but we should be able
to for all the most common public apis.
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