I agree with mark, we should first review maven 3 and then clean up all the mess that we have in the repo's.
We are digging a little bit to find out the first places to attack.

On Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 4:36 PM, tolitius <webakaunt@gmail.com> wrote:

@Mark, @ge0ffrey,

   Cool, that is good news. A least splitting this humongous build tree
would be immediately useful.

   As far, as the argument that no one uses Gradle or IVY, I completely

      1. I have worked on at least (from what I can recall) 4 enterprise
[quite large] clients that used IVY, and let me tell you, build teams were
extremely fast efficient, compare to Maven madness I usually see.

      2. "no serious projects uses", well, how is Spring Framework for a
serious project? Spring 3.0 uses IVY. I understand you may no find all the
dynamic languages serious [ I call in an "enterprise fear" :) ], but Grails
uses Gradle, as well as Spock, and many others.

      3. IVY Hudson plugin:
          Gradle Hudson plugin:

      4. "no one knows how to configure advanced stuff", "nobody uses it,
etc..". well 10 years ago nobody would use Spring ( or Seam, just to be
closer to JBoss hearts here :) ), everybody used EJB2, right? You get my

      5. Looked at Nexus Repo + Maven 3, listened to Jason van Zyl on a
couple of conferences... Seems... ok, but a bit too complicated, but I
guess, if JBoss goes this direction, Drools has no choice in a matter..

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