Andrew, Michael,

Yes, the public repo will be at:
Please don't do anything yet, just wait for instructions, I 'll send them when the migration is done.

Op 18-12-10 09:45, Michael Neale schreef:
All of it would be public all the time. There is no other way unless you pay for a private repo. 

So people can pull from any repo, or branch. 

Now github will offer you a http url you can do to git clone - DO NOT USE IT. I have never had it succeed for me. You need to use the ssh/native one. if you can't use ssh - we will have to find a way to, perhaps, mail round a zipped up repo (you can do this) and you download that, and then setup git, and pull any subsequent changes. 

Things may have changed, but the http version of git has never been that great for me at least (others may correct me) 

On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 8:37 AM, Andrew Waterman <> wrote:
Hi Geoffrey,

I imagine the GitHub repository will have a public face that non-committers can pull from or Fork.  Will you guys be broadcasting this location once the move is complete?  I had tried git-svn with the Drools SVN public location, but could never get the command to finish.  It will be nice to be able to pull and work with your public source from GitHub.  Thanks!

best wishes,


On Dec 16, 2010, at 4:52 AM, Geoffrey De Smet wrote:

Hi guys,

This is just a friendly reminder that
I need your github login by the end of the day
if you have SVN commit rights and want to have those on github too.
Do include your svn login, full name and github used e-mail address.

Op 11-12-10 16:49, Geoffrey De Smet schreef:
Hi guys,

We been talking a while on this on IRC,
so now, like many other JBoss projects (hibernate, infinispan, ...),
we are moving to git on github.

- What do you need to do? => MUST READ, deadline Thursday 16-DEC-2010
- Why are we moving to git?
- What will you get by moving to git?

What do you need to do?

If you are a drools committer and wish to continue committing after next Saturday 18-DEC-2010.
1) Install git for your OS
  1a) Linux: Install the package git (and optionally gitk)
    $ sudo apt-get install git
    $ sudo apt-get install gitk
  1b) Windows: Use the icon on the right on
  1c) Mac OSX: Use the icon on the right on (and optionally install gitx from )
2) Install git in your IDE
  2b) Eclipse: Install the EGit plugin. Menu Help, menu item Install new software. Work with update site Helios, open Tree item Collaboration, tree item Eclipse EGit.
  2c) IntelliJ: Enable the git plugin (if not enabled): menu file, menu item Other Settings, menu item Configure plugins.
3) Get a Github account:
4) Configure git correctly (Github also tells you this):
  $ git --version
  git version 1.7.1
  $ git config --global myUsername
  $ git config --global
  $ git config --global -l
5) Mail me these details before next Thursday 16-DEC-2010
 (to at gmail dot com or ge0ffrey.spam at gmail dot com )
 if you are a drools committer (which I 'll verify):
 5a) Your Github username
 5b) Your JBoss Subversion username
 5c) Your full name
 5d) Your e-mail address (used on github). Note: you can register more than 1 e-mail address on GitHub.
6) Push your public key to github:
  Follow the instructions on

Do NOT commit changes to subversion after Friday evening (so after 8:00 GMT Saturday 18-DEC-2010).
The svn to git migration will probably take hours. Sorry in advance for the hindrance.
I 'll send a mail to the drools dev list when svn commits are forbidden and also when git commits are open.
More info about the git URL and switching tips & tricks will follow soon.

Why are we moving to git?

Subversion has been great (and much better than CVS), but git's just better.

How my life improved since last month when I used svn. by Emmanuel Bernard (Hibernate annotations etc lead)

Why is git better than subversion?

What will you get by moving to git?

- Less merge conflicts and therefor easier branching

- Pull requests

Pull requests are really cool. It's like patches on steroids.
Ever been in a situation where you made a big, risky change?
You wanted to commit it (to get it off your plate, it's done),
but you'd like to get it peer reviewed by colleague X (because it's risky).
But a patch file didn't work because:
- A patch file can't handle binary files
- A patch file probably results in a merge conflict on applying (so X ignores them)
- Applying a patch file needs to be done on the correct directory
- A patch file will forget I am the author and will make X the author
- A patch file does not allow for a conversation when X wants me to change something before committing it
With git, just commit it as a pull request. Take a look at the pull requests (with comments!) on hibernate-core:

- Multitasking in isolation
You work on a big improvement but you stumble up an existing bug (in the same file(s)).
You want to fix the bug, the unfinished changes of the big improvement break the build.
And - even worse - the big improvement changes break because of the existing bug.
Read "Multitasking in isolation" on
With kind regards,
Geoffrey De Smet
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With kind regards,
Geoffrey De Smet
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