Sounds good, makes sense to even somebody like me :-)

On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 3:54 PM, Mark Proctor <> wrote:
I'm in the process of splitting drools up into sub projects and looking for feed on names. Each sub project will have it's own manual.

Drools the Business Logic integration Platform

Drools Expert
This is the expert system rule engine, as you expect from Drools 4.0 now, Ruleflow has moved to the Flow project

Drools Flow
This is becoming a full blown workflow and process engine and includes the ruleflow work for rule engine integration

Drools Fusion
Temporal Reason system providing CEP capabilities. The syntax is an orthogonal extension to the DRL. While it could possible live as a chapter in the "Drools Expert" manual we expect there will be enough information on adapters and integration and general theory to justify its own sub project.

Drools Guvnor
This is the Guvovernance system for Drools and all it's sub projects. It's still primarily a BRMS, but we are trying to expand it to provide a governance platform for processes and cep too, which will be a long term effort post 5.0


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