I suspect the DummyKieScanner was there to avoid people getting null pointers. But I think actually it may be best to throw an exception, to fail fast. The dummy canít be used for anything, and it will jut confuse users. 

@mario: thoughts?

On 7 Mar 2014, at 23:18, Joe White <Joe.White@recondotech.com> wrote:

In the KieRepositoryImpl code what is the purpose of instantiating to the DummyScanner if the kie-ci jar is not on the classpath. Lines 120-126 in the impl. Ultimately this results in a Not Found exception downstream but masks the true issue of the missing jar. Seems like it would be better off throwing the exception back out to the caller so they know they are missing the jar?
Iím just trying to get a handle on how it is all wired together and spent a couple of hours chasing why it wouldnít find my kmodule jar when the core problem was my ear was just missing the kie-ci.
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