Top banana Jervis :)

JVMDateConverter is only used by Drools Guvnor (for the decision tables) so might not (or should not be duplicated).

I also don't understand why GuvnorTestBase and MockAssetItemIterator cannot simply live in guvnor-core as guvnor-drools references it.

I suspect we should split up the resources folders between guvnor-core and guvnor-drools as you say

Anyway, I imported the new modules today and am able to run Guvnor Drools (preliminary tests) without problem.

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On 26 November 2011 06:40, Jervis Liu <> wrote:

1. I have to duplicate,
and JVMDateConverter in guvnor-webapp-core and guvnor-webapp-drools
modules. One solution is to create another module called
guvnor-webapp-testutils. Let me know if you have better ideas.
2. guvnor-webapp-core and guvnor-webapp-drools both have a same copy of Need to remove unused constants from this file
(and different language versions) for each module. Straightforward to
do, but definitely takes time.
3. Need to refactor and split sever side code.

On 2011/11/24 10:30, Jervis Liu wrote:
> Michael Anstis wrote:
>> Just a thought.
>> When is the BRMS 5.3 freeze?
>> Back-porting Guvnor fixes post this split is going to be a PITA.
> What I heard is after the Christmas.
>> On 23 November 2011 07:43, Jervis Liu <
>> <>> wrote:
>>     Hi,
>>     As part of the ongoing work to refactor Guvnor towards a generic
>>     service
>>     repository framework (Guvnor NG. Please check this thread for
>> relevant
>>     discussions:, I am
>> going to
>>     split guvnor-webapp module to three modules: guvnor-webapp-core,
>>     guvnor-webapp-drools, guvnor-webapp-soa. The split has been done
>> on my
>>     local branch and the plan is to merge the change to master this
>>     Friday.
>>     To avoid huge merge conflicts after my split, I strongly
>> encourage you
>>     to commit whatever changes you have to  master before this
>> Friday. Let
>>     me know if you have any questions. I will start the merge this
>> Friday
>>     morning (10AM, GMT +8) if I dont hear any objections. Thanks.
>>     Cheers,
>>     Jervis
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