Here are the four org/drools/decisiontable/parser files I modified, against 5.1.1., but I don't think they've been changed lately.

On 28 November 2010 20:56, Michael Anstis <> wrote:
Hi Wolfgang,

I'd be interested in having a look at what you've done.

Please advise where I can find you changes and I'll have a look and play :)



On 28 November 2010 18:14, Wolfgang Laun <> wrote:
I have, at long last, overcome my disinclination against spreadsheets and played around a bit.

As one of the incentives (perhaps the main one) for this kind of rule authoring appears to be a "syntax" cushioning by spreadsheet entries, I feel that additional simplifications might be appreciated. Therefore, I have modified some classes in  org.drools.decisiontable.parser, to achieve the following, in the area of RuleSet entries:
  • All entries are now repeatable, either by adding more cells to the right of "import" than just one (with a comma-separated list) or by writing more that one "Import" row.
  • Same for "Variables", "Functions" and "Queries".
  • All tags ("Import",...) are case insensitive and immune against leading and trailing spaces.
  • Some user errors don't cause NPE; they throw an exception with an explanatory message
Opinions, please, and should I just release this, or would someone care to have a look and test it?

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