Would you consider making the setFactoryService() method in ResourceFactory be public?

My Drools-as-a-JEE-compliant-resource-adapter project currently needs to invoke this through a setAccessible() hack: http://code.google.com/p/drools-jca/source/browse/trunk/drools-jca/src/main/java/com/google/code/drools/jca/DroolsResourceAdapter.java#319

This is because I'm attempting to (ultimately) override the usage of Threads and re-express the asynchronous intent of the KnowledgeAgent by using container APIs such as Timer, WorkManager, etc.

My project does this successfully, but I had to hack access to this method to do it.

There is a constructor in ProcessChangeSet as well that I think should be public.  Currently I get at it like this:

final Constructor<ProcessChangeSet> c = ProcessChangeSet.class.getDeclaredConstructor(LinkedBlockingQueue.class, ResourceChangeNotifierImpl.class, SystemEventListener.class);
assert c != null;

Looking forward to the discussion,