I'm not involved with Decision Table, but I think it should be relatively easy (and useful) to implement what you need. If you need some guidance, you can take a look at ConstraintValueEditor. These are the steps needed to get a custom form open reusing WS configuration:

To get the configuration for a given package.factType.fieldName from the active WS:
CustomFormConfiguration customFormConfiguration = WorkingSetManager.getInstance().getCustomFormConfiguration( packageName, factTypeName, fieldName );
(If not configuration is present, this method returns  null)

To open the custom form popup:
final CustomFormPopUp customFormPopUp = new CustomFormPopUp( images.newexWiz(), constants.FieldValue(),  customFormConfiguration );
(The first argument is the icon, the second is the title and the third is the configuration you get from the previous step)

Then you need to setup a handler for Popup's OK button:
customFormPopUp.addOkButtonHandler( new ClickHandler() {
                public void onClick(ClickEvent event) {
                    //here you can use:                    
                    //customFormPopUp.getFormId() -> to get the selected Id
                    //customFormPopUp.getFormValue() -> to get the selected Value                    
            } );

And, of course, remember to open the Popup:
customFormPopUp.show( currentId, currentValue );

I think you have enough material to start working. 

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Esteban Aliverti
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- Blog @ http://ilesteban.wordpress.com

On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 9:03 AM, c3310082 <c3310082@pjjkp.com> wrote:


We would like to render a custom editor when a user double-clicks on a cell
that is present in web guided decision table in Guvnor 5.1 (or later). The
custom editor needs to be invoked for cells that represent a particular fact
model attribute only.

This is somewhat similar to WS custom forms functionality available for
guided business rules.

So far we have seen the
org.drools.guvnor.client.decisiontable.GuidedDecisionTableWidget class that
contains implementation for:
public void onCellDblClick(GridPanel grid,
                                      int rowIndex,
                                      int colIndex,
                                      EventObject e)
in the GridCellListenerAdapter class that opens up text editor or drop down

We're new to GWT and Guvnor so would appreciate it if anyone can provide the
high level steps.

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