Hi Geoffrey,
did you sync with Esteban for fact-constraints?
he was in charge of that.. so I will ping him to know if he has uncommited changes..

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 6:54 PM, Michael Neale <michael.neale@gmail.com> wrote:
I think the modules stuff predates get modularity, and was a bit of an
experiment by anti - not sure what is still in there (we used to
generate code for editors in there iirc)

On Thursday, September 30, 2010, Michael Anstis
<michael.anstis@gmail.com> wrote:
> Great stuff.
> Any idea what's happening with the current drools-guvnor\modules folder? Is this prototype stuff? I can't see how it relates to Guvnor (other than perhaps the BPEL editor).
> I also like moving the backend stuff to drools-guvnor-server (I know you show it in parenthesis in the JIRA but having the -server suffix makes it obvious). Does this distinction make the full deployment of Guvnor two WARs? I assume drools-guvnor\src\main\webapp will be deleted in its entirety?
> Thanks,
> Mike
> On 29 September 2010 19:32, Geoffrey De Smet <ge0ffrey.spam@gmail.com> wrote:
> Next Friday (starting from 8:00 CET) I 'll:
> - move the drools-factcontstraints module into the drools-guvnor module
> - move the drools-guvnor-gwtclient part out of the drools-guvnor module
> into a separate module
> So please commit anything in those directories before Friday 8:00 CET. I
> 'll give a sign on IRC and this dev list once it's done.
> More info about what will be done and feed-back welcome in the jira issue:
>    https://jira.jboss.org/browse/JBRULES-2707
> This change will allow us to use the maven-gwt-plugin (so remove the ANT
> script in guvnor) and remove the generated javascripts files from
> subversion (no more tree conflicts on drools-guvnor/src/main/webapp/org...)
> --
> With kind regards,
> Geoffrey De Smet
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