Michael Neale wrote:
So some support in -core would be needed? Or could this be done as an
optional module or 2? drools-semweb (and submodules perhaps??)
In theory you can do sem web ontop of core, as is. But it wouldn't look very nice in DRL. I'd like to actually see direct support in DRL, where the joins are inferred from the data models themselves. That sort of thing.

On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 12:33 AM, Mark Proctor <mproctor@codehaus.org> wrote:
The way I'd do this is to build native support into drools for description
logic, using terminology used in OWL-DL. I'd then look to something like the
Manchester syntax, or variation of, for the textual representation. Once I
have that working I'd look into GUI authoring and transation (RueML etc) to
and from that.

Xavier Breton wrote:


I'm looking for feedback, I'll develop a Semantic Web Drools Module that
will be the subject of my Master Degree Tesis.

The idea is to use Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF) for prototyping and
follow a Model Driven Architecture (MDA) where the source language is
Semantic of Business Vocabularies and Business Rules (SBVR) and the target
language is Drools DRL.

The mapping could be (PIM level):
- Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL)
- Ontology Web Language (OWL)
- RuleML
- Rule Interchange Format (RIF)
- REWERSE Rule Markup Language (R2ML)

It could be added to the module at the source UML or Entity Relationship
like models to transform the models into SBVR.


Xavier Breton

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