I'd really like the captioned being exposed (either protected so I can sub-class it to get access; or on the InternalKieBuilder interface - but *ideally* the public API as Guvnor has been burned before by using "internal" APIs).

At the moment we have to do two builds in Guvnor:-

1 - For a "full KieModule" including all artifacts. This is used for incremental package compilation.

2 - For a transient KieModule containing only Declarative Types so we can determine what Fact Types are available for authoring. This *limits* the potential for compilation errors as Declarative Types are constructed with a guided editor.

We cannot re-use #1 for our #2 use-case as KieBuilder.getKieModule() throws an exception if the KieModule contains build errors although the KieModule has been built and the Fact Types are available for inspection.

If we can limit the number of KieModules we need to build by being able to use KieBuilder.getKieModuleIgnoringErrors() we ~half the time we spend building KieModules. Which would be a good thing :)

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