It seems to me that an environment is not the best place for an operation that
could depend on the session and/or a client's request. It could be used additionally,
but not without the direct approach.

On 21 April 2011 02:23, Mark Proctor <> wrote:
On 20/04/2011 22:19, ljnelson wrote:
> I filed a pull request to fix this issue:
I just checked the code and it seems we have two conflict approaches. So
currently the method you are replacing calls:
    public ObjectMarshallingStrategyStore
getObjectMarshallingStrategyStore() {
        if ( this.marshallingStore == null ) {
            this.marshallingStore = new ObjectMarshallingStrategyStore(

(ObjectMarshallingStrategy[]) this.environment.get(
        return this.marshallingStore;

Notice it uses the environment. That means you must inject yoru
strategies into the ENV and they will get picked up.

But on the other hand we clearly made strategies part of the
MarshallingConfiguration which is a member field on DefaultMarshaller
and currently being ignored.

I'm not sure why we have both at this stage, will need to sleep on it to
refresh my mind on the best way forward.

> Best,
> Laird
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