trunk_20100722_esteban_diega branch and tag are no longer among us :(
I have also deleted guvnor_expressionEditor3_baunax_esteban_20100202 tag

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On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 10:03 AM, Geoffrey De Smet <> wrote:
Hi guys,

In the github reference repository
we have /release branches/, such as 4.0.x, 5,0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.0.M1.x, ...
which is fine,
but also topic branches which clutter our reference repository.

Following the conventions of other projects, we'd like to move all topic
branches out of the github reference repository, by:

   * 1) Removing the topic branch if it has been merged into master
     long ago and has become irrelevant
   * 2) Keep the topic branch local (if it's short-lived) until it's
     merged into master
   * 3) Forking the reference repository on github and push your topic
     branches there, until it's merged into master
         o For example, edson's fork:

Here's a list of the topic branches that we want to get rid of.
If one of them is yours, please read on.

   * Branch_4_0_2_SOA_4_2
   * DRLv6
   * DROOLS_4_0_2_SOA_4_2_GA
   * DroolsChance
   * K200
   * effective_dated
   * guvnor-pre-guided-changes-june-09
   * kstam_guvnor_modeshape
   * lr_unlinking_20101116
   * persistence_refactor
   * rete_using_static_methods_aug2009trunk_20100722_esteban_diega

If 1) applies and it has been merged into master long ago and has become
irrelevant, then just remove it with this command:
$ git push origin :<branchname>
For example:
$ git push origin :kstam_guvnor_modeshape

If 2) or 3) applies, its a bit more difficult, but I'll make a blog in a
few weeks on how to fork and do social coding.

With kind regards,
Geoffrey De Smet

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