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Paul Browne wrote:

Two general comments on the format of the RuleFlow (.rf) file from when I was doing the NumberGuess documentation.

When I built workflow apps using jBPM I was able to edit the workflow XML files by hand. Some people prefer this and it makes it easier should somebody want to build an alternative editor for these files ( e.g Web Based instead of the Eclipse IDE).  For jBPM I *had* to edit these manually , as the IDE kept crashing.

The comment / complaint is that the Drools Ruleflow files are much harder to edit. Yes, it's xml but the nodes do not seem to be in any particular order. With jBPM , the nodes tend to be arranged in a flow from Start to End.
The XML is not currently meant to be human editable. We have an AST and we just dump that to XML using XStream. The reason for this is the tech is still maturing and we don't want to lock ourselves into supporting a particularly XML format yet. Again once our ruleflow matures we'll look at a simplified XML that we will support a long time.

Talking of Web Based editors for flow, have you seen the Ajax / DHTML Editor that Yahoo has for Pipes:
Yes seen the SVG thing, its a matter of resources, if someone contributes the code we would love to see that :) Maybe once ruleflow matures we can put some resources into this.

This shows that it is possible to have a Flow editor implemented in HTML.

Just my two thoughts.


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Feedback welcome.

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