All you need to know about Spring: You write your code as JavaBeans, and Spring does the rest.

Yep, I have some code to do steps 1-3 that I talk about below, so a branch in SVN would help me add it to the project.

Did Xavier? mention if he planned to more work on this ?


Mark Proctor wrote:
Paul Browne wrote:
I'll bite, although most likely I'm missing something obvious here

Code sample itself is clear enough (and builds cleanly with maven), and I *think* I can see the intention from the various Spring aspects and config files (although I'm not sure of the purpose of the aspects. .... yet!)

Looking at the example ( what I see is the Drools classes being loaded pretty much as normal (no Spring)

What I expected to see in the sample was:
1) Test gets a handle to the Spring config file
2) Spring auto-configuring the beans based on the contents of this file..
3) A call (via a bean that we've obtained from the Spring Context) which causes the Rule engine to fire
4) A 2nd config file showing how to configure Spring transactions / proxy etc

What can I do to help? Given that this isn't in SVN yet , what's the best way to manage the code?
I know nothing about spring. But it people believe this is a good starting base, I'll create a branch and add it in so people can work on it. So shall I add this now?


Mark Proctor wrote:
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You can declare the transaction beans as follows:
<bean id="droolsTransactionManager"
   <property name="workingMemory" ref="workingMemory"/>

<bean id="txProxyTemplate" abstract="true"
   <property name="proxyTargetClass">
   <property name="transactionManager" ref="droolsTransactionManager"/>
       <property name="transactionAttributes">
           <prop key="newStatefullSession*">PROPAGATION_REQUIRED</prop>

The last one is only a proxy for the transaction, to declare the pointcuts.
I think the classes for aspects in Ales implementation can be
implemented this way for spring, if not it will be needed to look at :
but I need time for that.

The DroolsTransactionManager is for standalone use.

It was added rule base configuration support for the bean factory of
Geoffrey as well to set the type.

Here are information about getting Resources like URL, input stream, file...

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