Hi All. Just a quick few tips on if you are editing a large documentation XML (like the examples section).

* Don't ever update from SVN if you have some edits in progress. Editors like XMLMind and such can tidy up the XML such that the merge will be bad (even if it detects no conflicts, it can still wipe stuff out)
* If you are doing small edits all over a document, check in frequently (and *then* update to the latest)
* When you are finished, try to commit - if the versions are out of date, don't update. Take a copy of your local one, and then revert it and update (so you have the latest).
* You will then need to copy in the section you were working on.

This is not ideal, as it basically is manual merging relying on the fact that the <section> you were editing was not also edited by someone else, but other approaches seem worse.

If anyone has other tricks for XML merging, let me know (there are probably some tools out there to do a better job).