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I finally certified Guvnor on different Application Server (Jboss, Tomcat,
OC4J, Weblogic 11g)
for Jboss and Tomcat their is tutorials but for OC4J and Weblogic I did'nt
find tutorials.

Lets Start:

1/ download oc4j (I use oc4j_extended_101350)
2/ extract the rar file
3/ Open the file data-source.xml %OC4J_HOME%/J2EE/home/config
4/ add the following lines
<managed-data-source name="guvnor"
          jndi-name="jdbc/OracleDS" />
 <connection-pool name='drools-guvnor'
   <connection-factory factory-class='org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver'

5/ the following JARs are required
 - hsqldb.jar
 - hibernate-annotations.jar
 - hibernate-entitymanager.jar
 - hibernate3.jar
 - jboss-common.jar
 - dom4j.jar
 - commons-logging.jar
 - log4j.jar
 - commons-collections.jar
 - cglib.jar
 - jsf-api.jar
 - jsf-impl.jar

start the server (the first start the server will need a password for
6/ open the URL: http://localhost:8888/em
7/authentificate with your password

8/ go to application tab

9/ click on deploy and browse to the war file location

10/ click Next and give drools-guvnor as a name

11/ click Next
12/ Finally click Deploy

Verify that Guvnor is running well:  http://localhost:8888/drools-guvnor

I hope it's clear
For any questions, contact me
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