The new commit deadline will probably come somewhere next week, on short notice.

Currently, the only thing we're waiting for are some drools blockers (mfusco and etirelli are working hard to fix them), so as soon as it's ready, we 'll announce the commit deadline immediately.

You're still free to push stable bugfixes into the 6.0.0.Beta4.x branch (*) so they make the release,
but that branch must be in a releasable state at any time.

Jervis will do the release if mbiarnes is on PTO.

(*) uberfire uses a different branch name: 0.2.0.Beta4.x

On 20-06-13 13:27, Michael Anstis wrote:
Thanks Edson... whilst we have an extra window of opportunity I noticed the N&N is pretty empty - other than for Drools Workbench, of course ;)

On 20 June 2013 12:25, Edson Tirelli <> wrote:


  Just to update everyone, the branches are now tested and stable (thanks Michael). 

  From now on, only cherry-pick fixes into them if:

1. The fix is required for Beta4
2. You are sure it will not break the build

  Phreak is still not enabled, we are working to get it working, and we have to delay the release a little longer. As soon as we have that fixed and cherry-picked into the Beta4 branch, we will proceed with the release.

   Feel free to continue with your work on master, but do try to not break it, of course.

   Thank you,

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 3:09 AM, Michael Biarnes Kiefer <> wrote:
Hi all,

The release branches are created:

drools, guvnor, etc... : 6.0.0.Beta4.x
jbpm : 6.0.0.Beta4.x
uberfire: 0.2.0.Beta4.x (this was branched from the 0.2.x branch not from master)

We will release from these branches, so the masters are not blocked.
All fixes which have to go in Beta4 release have to be cherry picked by the developers.

Best Regards


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