Answers... ;-)

1) There's no rationale; it just hasn't been implemented - I've added it to the list at

2) It's a workable solution; that's consistent with existing (read as "Guided Rule Editor") solutions to the same problem.

On 27 January 2011 13:02, gomodus <> wrote:

We're doing exactly this. Esteban had pointed us to this:
We plugged in our own AbstractPopupEditCell implementation into

The JSP URL is picked up from the "Custom Form URL" attribute present
against the fact field in a pre-defined / hard-coded WorkingSet. What
concerns us a bit is that in Guvnor, unlike in a guided business rules
editor, WorkingSets cannot be specified for a guided decision table.

- What's the rationale behind not allowing a WorkingSet to be set up for a
guided decision table?
- Do you think the above approach is ok or is there a better alternative?

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