Im trying to compare a field to a Class type but when parsing I get NPE and when I debug,
the constraint is a ReturnValueConstraint but the restriction.getRequiredDeclarations() 
return a Declaration[] array initializated, but empty, so I can't get the declaration evaluated... 
I needed because I'm working on a kind of parser for the rules for analisys and testing... but using 
the already parsed package.

Here is a pseudo rule for test...

rule "Test A"
$mf: MyFact(clazz == (SomeClass.class))
System.out.println("Test A: OK");

Actualy, the rule compiles (with the NPE output, not stackTrace, just the java.lang.NullPointerException
and it works fine.. I mean I get "Test A: OK" as output, but cant get the SomeClass.class reference when I
look into the debugger.

Is this the right way to compare clases? if not, whats the right way? (Im trying to not do == "SomeClass")
Felipe Piccolini M.