hmm... I wonder if a script can automate that. 

On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 9:48 AM, Mark Proctor <> wrote:
On 17/01/2010 21:57, Michael Neale wrote:
I don't understand why the groupIds had to change - I assume it is to pick up the osgi-ified versions - but why do the names have to change so dramatically? (and I don't think it should break things - that seems a mistake).
I can revert trunk back to the origianl deps, and maintain a module by hand that has all the osgi versions. We just need to remember to keep them in sync.


On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 6:02 AM, Geoffrey De Smet <> wrote:
Hi guys,

The OSGi ready commit on trunk of a couple of days ago, changed many
pom.xml files, including the Drools core and Drools Planner pom.xml's.

For example, something like this:




See for example this pom.xml file:

This gives rise to 2 problems:

1) It uses different groupId:artifactId's!
The ramifications of this are big & very backward incompatible:
Lets say project X depends on drools:
- X excludes commons-lang:commons-lang from the drools dependency, now
he'll get it anyway, because is something
- X depends on commons-lang:commons-lang, now he'll get it twice
- X depends on commons-lang:commons-lang in a different version, now
he'll get it twice and maven will not get a change to do version
conflict resolution (picking the highest), now he'll get it twice
and drools might end up being run with a too low commons-lang version!

Remember: most users don't use OSGi and don't like a "com.springsource"
in their artifactId's.

2) Build problems too apparently:

<nheron> Project ID: org.drools.planner:drools-planner-core
<nheron> POM Location:
<nheron> Validation Messages:
<nheron>     [0]  'dependencies.dependency.version' is missing for
<nheron>     [1]  'dependencies.dependency.version' is missing for
<nheron>     [2]  'dependencies.dependency.version' is missing for

Because it is backward incompatible, I propose to shelve the OSGi ready
changes till drools 6.0?

With kind regards,
Geoffrey De Smet

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