Read this three articles:

Checkout the code from github:

Ask Qs on irc, look for mfusco, conan, etirelli or sotty.

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Hi Mark,

I am interested on that, Do I need to know any additional information before starting this.





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we’ll provide real time mentoring on irc and g+, to anyone who actively gets involved. We’ll talk through code, explain what things do, provide direction etc.

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> Very interested in migrating Drools to a true multi-core engine! Having
> looked at commercial alternatives for CEP such as SAP, etc. I believe if
> Drools was able to fully leverage multiprocessors we could have a
> substantial story on our hands. This not to mention that I have application
> needs today for mulit-core which we are planning to circumvent by running
> multiple engines - with no engine tie of coarse (bad but manageable if rules
> are segmented).
> -Jacek
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