There is currently no DSL support for decision tables (there is occasionally some talk of it, but not sure if it would help this particular case). 

In your case, I would think that in your case you would need to have multiple XLS files (you can make them share data I guess, for what is in common). 

I gather in your case you have different rules in different languages - not the same rules in multiple languages right? 

On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 8:26 PM, philippe rouxel <> wrote:
I post this, but got no echo:

My project is multi-national: the business model is in English, but
some rules depend on the user's country (fr, de).
This rules have to be edited in the locale language.

For editing a rule, the guided rule editor and a DSL are fine.

But for a decision table, I did not find a way to use a DSL.

So, what is the best strategy:
+ use a template for each DT and loose the benefits of sharing the translation.
+ use an expander for each DT that parse a DSL and translate the terms.

Or may be an other solution?

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