During the release of Beta4 it became apparent there was a cyclical dependency between the captioned repositories.

I have completed the split of guvnor and kie-wb-common that removes the cyclical dependency.

I have created a new branch called "split" on the following repositories that contain the changed code:-
  • droolsjbpm-build-bootstrap
  • guvnor
  • kie-wb-common
  • drools-wb
Mark and Kris have agreed that we should all spend half a day next week ensuring all affected modules (jbpm-designer, jbpm-console-ng, form-builder, kie-wb-distributions etc) are refactored to work with the revised split of guvnor and kie-wb-common.

Could I therefore suggest we all spend Tuesday (2nd July) making any respective changes, ensuring the modules compile and run. Once all modules have been refactored in their "split" branch these branches will be merged into master.

Mark and Kris agreed for everybody to be involved for one half day to ensure the time impact of the essential refactoring was minimized; i.e. we can all refactor together in one half day vs one person refactoring everything over a week.

I assume the following responsibilities:-
Feel free to fill in the blanks and help your colleagues :)