This is how I see the 4.2 roadmap (main "big ticket" features) - I think this is realistic for a short schedule (and I am probably missing things, but lets keep it realistic):
(FYI this is only what *I* know is going on)
of course critical fixes will take priority, and there are many other small tasks that will make it in as well - I am just trying to avoid a bloat that means 4.2 is 5 ;)

* Role/capability based security (using seam security) in the BRMS
* GUI for analysis tool/QA reporting on package quality (based on contributions from Toni Rikkola)
* Declarative testing tools in BRMS (web GUI)
  - junit extension for unit testing single rules
* IDE GUI to build/deploy a package
* Ruleflow stuff (Kris??)
* Web Service deployment of "decision services"

* Improved error messages (relies on bug reports/examples)
* pluggable extractors (for future ontology)

* IDE/BRMS integration
* Data driven "enums" in BRMS (this probably has to wait for a fuller ontology I am afraid - else it is a can of worms - can hack something)