For various reasons I'm trying out the Guided Editor for Business Rules in the Guvnor Version 5 (Snapshot of 26 June from Hudson, deployed on JBoss App Server 4.2.2GA).

I've created the Package / Category and uploaded a simple fact model (as works in BRMS version 4). I create a new business rule using the guided editor and the screen shows successfully with both 'When' and 'Then' parts.Assume the next question is due to me missing something, but wanted to double check:

When I press the green '+' to the right of the screen I am shown the message / dialog layer saying '
Add a condition to the rule... or Add an action to the rule.

Problem is that there doesn't appear to be a way of adding a condition or action. The only thing I'm seeing in the logs is
 (         could not discover transaction status

Am I missing something or should I come back to Guvnor later in the development Cycle?