Hi Bernd. yes you have it correctly - seam starts things up. 

IN terms of accessing JCR directly, this came up before and one idea was to use the "remote" JCR interface - that means some refactoring I guess. 

So the basic design is that there is a JCR server that starts up, and the "clients" connect remotely (a client in this case is also the Guvnor server side). 

That way you can access it from multiple places. However, it may be a bit too low level for this - the question is what do you want to access JCR for from your external app? 

A better approach, is to make the ServiceImplementation a true remote interface (at the moment it is, but for GWT clients only) - so ANY sort of client can connect and access the guvnor services, without messing with low level data structures - I am thinking the latter is the superior approach (and someone else was looking at it). 


On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 4:53 AM, Bernd Rücker <bernd.ruecker@camunda.com> wrote:

Hey guys.


I thought I better ask that question on the dev list, correct me if that was a bad choice ;-)


I want to programmatically access the JCR repository from another application (basically to author rules). I understood the RulesRepository (which is a nice interface by the way).  I tried to understand how the JCR Session is created and can be accessed. As far as I found it, it seems that a Seam Bean just starts everything (RulesRepositoryManager).  Now the question is: How can I access this from another application? Because the workspace is locked, I cannot create another Session from there.


Wouldn’t it be nice to bind the stuff in JNDI correctly or something like that? Or if I do that, can I inject it into the Seam application? Or maybe I can access the seam bean somehow from external?


I think it would be the easiest and best to access the JCR repos instead of using WebDav or whatever if I am in another EJB3 application…


Thanks a lot for any hint




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