Answering your first question, in the consequence of a rule, you have the automatically-defined "drools"  variable. It implements the KnowledgeHelper interface. Take a look at this interface as it can provide you a lot of runtime information. To get the rule name:


    Also, if you develops something that is generic and want to contribute back to the community, it would be great. Maybe others can also help you out.

    About your second question: we don't have anything out of the box yet. Although, Mark has blogged about exposing rules as a web-service and we are looking into implementing something like that in the drools-brms.

    Again, contributions welcome.


2007/5/27, Arjun Dhar <>:
In JBoss Rules 4, the WorkingMemoryLogger is not applicable for the

For this and a whole other reasons, we are building a log framework more
extensive than the default one provided.

But, am hitting a small bottleneck. In the Log get the name of the Rule

One can copy the Rule names and put in an 'Action' column that logs it, but
this is not sophisticated I feel.

Q1) Is there anyway within the Rule script for me to refer to the rule name
that caused that action so that i may log it?
Any other approach that integrates with a custom log framework is welcome!

In the examples I've seen one explicitly puts a "reason", this may be a good
practice but is not always practical. Would request this feature if not already

Q2) Can I run the engine as a Daemon serive(Out of the box solution)?
(I apologize for repeating this particular question; incase you have already
answered it please let me know)


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