Hey guys.


I thought I better ask that question on the dev list, correct me if that was a bad choice ;-)


I want to programmatically access the JCR repository from another application (basically to author rules). I understood the RulesRepository (which is a nice interface by the way).  I tried to understand how the JCR Session is created and can be accessed. As far as I found it, it seems that a Seam Bean just starts everything (RulesRepositoryManager).  Now the question is: How can I access this from another application? Because the workspace is locked, I cannot create another Session from there.


Wouldn’t it be nice to bind the stuff in JNDI correctly or something like that? Or if I do that, can I inject it into the Seam application? Or maybe I can access the seam bean somehow from external?


I think it would be the easiest and best to access the JCR repos instead of using WebDav or whatever if I am in another EJB3 application…


Thanks a lot for any hint




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