Joe White wrote:

How does one go about getting the $69 rate at the best western for the rule fest conference? I see $89 and $99 for the 15-24th.

Speak to Kelly Dearmore <> directly from sales, we got the rate as there are several of us.


Also, does the drools team meeting run from the 15th through to the 22nd? I’m very interested in attending both, just need to get all the info for approval.

The drools team will arrrive on thet 15th for our team meeting which starts on the 16th and runs through to the 21st, 22nd to 25th is the main conf, the team meeting is open to anyone to attend, just give us some notification. This is not a formal session or a training session or a spoon feeding session, it's simply an opportunity for people who want to get involved in developing drools or who have some interesting case studies they want to share or just general knowledge exchange.


Thank you for your time,


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