Before we do any digging, aren't you being bitten by the Leopard JVM bug? Fernando, can you take a look at this?


2007/11/5, Robert Morse <>:
Hello Edson,
Well, after a day, I'm no closer in getting this to work.  I've put
Drools 4.0.3 compiler, core, decisiontables, and jsr along with
mvel14, core-3.2.3.v_686_R32x, jsr94-1.1, antlr-runtime-3.0 in:

JBoss 4.2.1:


as well as my EAR, EJB Jar, and WAR files

and finally included in my CLASSPATH variable.

My environment is Mac OS X (Leopard)

From Eclipse, I've even added it to the JBoss server path (although
this should be redundant to what I've done above).

The killer is, I can make this work perfectly in a stand alone java
application that envokes the EJBs as long as it calls the
PackageBuilder().  If I do this from Seam, I get the ClassCast
If you have any clues or suggestions regarding what I could look at or
try next, I'll be deeply grateful.


On Nov 5, 2007, at 8:15 AM, Edson Tirelli wrote:

>    Robert,
>    Cool. Please keep us posted on your findings.
>    []s
>    Edson
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