You can also check out the JBossESB project where we already did the integration.


Paul Smith wrote:
I think it was something to do with the move to using the JCI interface. I can't be sure but one of the Drools guys could clarify it. It's no big deal to use Janino though. You just need the janino jar files deployed in your .ear and the classpath set correctly.

On 10/26/07, Dean Jones <> wrote:
On 10/25/07, Paul Smith <> wrote:
> I don't know of any tutorials but I've been running Drools and JBoss
> together with a MySQL database and EJB3 for about 18 months now. Currently
> on Drools 4.02 with JBoss 4.2.1GA. It all works pretty well except for for
> the need to use the Janino instead of the Eclipse compiler. There's
> something to do with Tomcat that doesn't play nicely with the Eclipse
> compiler. This was an issue way back when I was using Drools 3.2 (it's a
> tomcat issue not a drools issue). It may be ok now but I've just stuck with
> Janino because it works.

Hello Paul, I'd be interested to know what problems you encountered.
We're deploying Drools + Eclipse compiler in Tomcat 5.5 (and have been
since 3.0), and to my knowledge we don't have any issues with this
combination. Is there something waiting around the corner for us?


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