We'd really like to improve out OSGi friendlyness. From getting Drools to work perfectly as an OSGi service, to getting our build system to publish all the necessary bundles. But we need people in the commnity to help us, you know where to find us if you want to help out, as we have so much other core stuff to do :)

Simon Thum wrote:
Lasse.Wallentin@apcc.com wrote:
Ok, I finally got it running. I had missed an import in the excel sheet so 
I had a dependency on another bundle.

All this debugging has made me understand (and appreciate) the solution 
sketched earlier by Faron Dutton more clearly. However it still seems a 
bit involved when just a few decisiontables is needed - don't you think?
I think that under OSGi in gereral, the classloader becomes much more
important. Luckily drools is prepared for that, but it still pushes OSGi
a fair bit - with us witnessing the fallout.

Basically you need a classloader which can access you classes _and_ all
drools internals. Probably we could combine them somehow. Thought,
googled :)

I'm not too content with my setup as well, maybe you can sketch yours as
it's running now? I'm gonna the try above solution, maybe we can
establish some best practise.


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