The use of "otherwise" is limited to "simple" columns defined for a single field constraint that themselves use the equals or not equals operator.

Converting an XLS table to a guided web decision table, at this time, results in "advanced" BRL columns being defined. These are not compatible with the use of "otherwise".

The XLS conversion is in it's infancy and all feedback is welcome. We acknowledge there is room for improvement.

"Simple" columns defining a single field constraint that uses equals or not equals should be fine for boolean fields. However as a boolean only has two possible values the need to use "otherwise" is questionable.



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On 31 Aug 2012 07:52, "Manasi" <> wrote:


1) I am using new feature of Guvnor 5.4 i.e converting from decision table
in excel format to Guvnor web Decision Table format.

After excel decision table is converted to Guvnor web Decision table format
,I am not able to use *'Otherwise'* feature for rows in guvnor decision

If Guvnor decision table is created manually then only I am able to use
*Otherwise* in rows.

2) Also ,if Guvnor web decision table is created manually then *Otherwise*
in rows can be use only for String literals . Can it be use for Boolean

Please let me know what steps needs to be taken.

Manasi Damle

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