My personal kludge is to write multiple slightly different DSL patterns, which each use different enumerations to pick out the properties user might be interested in.

It gives me a means of using DSL in guided rules, which at the expense of larger DSL files, gives the appearance to the business users of being more clever than it really is.

It's very limited though… :)

On 7 Sep 2012, at 14:48, Michael Anstis <> wrote:

There is a way :)

That way would be to raise a JIRA request for Guvnor requesting such a feature (which, TBH, sounds useful). Eventually we'll get round to it.

An even quicker way would be to raise a JIRA and accompany it with a pull request providing the feature :)

Is there an existing way. No.

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On 7 September 2012 14:45, dme1 <> wrote:

Is there any way DSLs can be context sensitive when using these in Guvnor?
What I mean is that if I have DSL for the Class/Object and its field, then
after I select the DSL for the Class/Object can I only see the fields
applicable to that Class/Object (by say selecting/checking a flag or better
still while I am on that condition; and show the list of all DSLs when I add
a new condition).

This will help our Business Analysts to code rule more quickly, specially
since we have a lot of business vocabulary which the BAs have to see
(Working Sets for filtering vocabulary is not an option).


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