Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply.
I understand there is no out of box support for Decision tree in Drools, is there any other way i can accomplish the same functionality like using other Drools APIs.

I will briefly explain the situation we are in:
We used blaze and now we are asked to migrate or covert to Drools. All the rules in Blaze are implemented using Decision tree. i am trying to see if there is any way i can reuse the existing classes in Drools.
Please suggest me some information to start with.

if i have to do all the rules from scratch, what is the best way to accomplish like using Decision tables or any other Drools API, what is the best way to do quicker, please help me


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  On 23/07/2010 20:23, ramesh76 wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking to implement Decision tree using Drools. I am looking for some
> information regarding the Drools Decision tree setup and implementation with
> some examples, any help with this is really appreciated
Drools does not have out of the box DecisionTree support.

> Thanks,
> Ramesh

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