Yes, we need to still complete the drools-api, but we want to keep it as simple as possible. Please send your suggestions and patches, so that we can better meet your requirements. Creating JIRAs is the best way to make sure the requirements don't get lost.


2008/9/21 Mohamed Riyaz <>
Make sure that Rule Model API of Drools 4 and 5 release support rule flow generation or not. Having looked at the source, I didn't see such APIs to fulfill your requirement.

On 9/18/08, Vikram Shitole <> wrote:

I am working on the Drools 4.0.7 release.
I am using the org.drools.brms.client.modeldriven.brl.RuleModel class to create the rules dynamically and then persisting them using the BRDRLPersistence class.

I am able to do majority of the things but I am stuck at
Invoking a rule flow process from the drl.

We can type the following code in the DRL drools.getWorkingMemory().startProcess(Process ID)

Does anyone have an idea about how this can be done using the RuleModel class

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